Good Enough (Poem)

I'm not the best painter,
The best writer,
The best advocate,
But I am a resilient creator,
An artist;
A mindful visual and verbal communicator.

I'm not the best nurturer,
The best cook,
The best housekeeper,
Or the most patient teacher.
I'm not a mother, nor a caregiver,
But that doesn't define my worth as a woman
As a wife;
As a contributing member of society.

I'm not the best lover,
The best fighter,
The best negotiator or equalizer,
But I strive to be fair, kind, gentle and just;
Proof positive that compassion and resilience are inequivocally resolute.

I'm a typical Jack of All Trades,
Master of none, other than myself;
I stand before you humble and blessed,
Deserving of love,
Devoid of judgment or despair,
Ready to declare,
My best is Good Enough!

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