“Was the MBA Worth It?”

No. Nein. Nee. N茫o. Non. Niet. Nil. Nah. It was definitely NOT worth it. The group work. The sleepless nights. The tests and point grabs. The neverending facepalms when someone had no clue about foreign politics or the subject matter. We were all guilty of a faux pas, especially the impatient know it alls in... Continue Reading →

In the Search of Karma Points

During the last month my family has donated, gifted, sold or tossed items that no longer brought us joy, as Marie Kondo would say, in the hopes that they'd become purposeful again. The poor things had been idle for so long, relegated to the deepest and darkest storage corners that they must have felt neglected.... Continue Reading →

Happy 11th Anniversary?

You meet someone. You fall in love. 馃お馃グ After days/months/years of courtship you get engaged or dedice to tie the knot. Venues and plans are explored. You pick a date based on the experiences that best describe your relationship. Perhaps one that is close to your future spouses birthday, or your own, so no one... Continue Reading →

La maldici贸n de ser privilegiado

Despu茅s de 12 d铆as de protestas frente a la Fortaleza, el pueblo de Puerto Rico, armado de valor y pruebas del Centro de Investigativo de Periodismo, lograron que el Gobernador Ricardo Rossell贸 Nevares renunciara a su cargo por conducta inapropiada y presunta corrupci贸n. Seg煤n los eventos se desarrollaban, mi esposo W me ped铆a que dejara... Continue Reading →

Our Business is Chaos

The last decade has been full of eventualities; my grandfather died three weeks before my formal wedding 10.5 years ago and the roller coaster ride that is life has gained incredible momentum and speed through the sharp turns and steep drops created by the ensuing chaos. If my life had a soundtrack, you'd be hearing... Continue Reading →

Fotos y recuerdos

Unas semanas antes de Telegram-gate, la s煤bita implosi贸n de la administraci贸n del gobe Ricardo Rosell贸, sent铆a una necesidad inmensa de hablar con mi madre. El pa铆s parec铆a estar entrando en un momento de crisis, uno en d贸nde los partidos pol铆ticos se presentar铆an impotentes ante los cambios sociales que la generaci贸n del Yo No Me Dejo... Continue Reading →

“Rage, rage against the dying of the light!”

隆Viva la revoluci贸n! Perhaps it was coincidental: The people of Puerto Rico were out in droves, in front of La Fortaleza, the Governor's mansion, asking for Ricky's resignation on Bastille Day. Just as the French were celebrating the events that led to the turning point of their revolution against the monarchy, Puertorricans attempted to dethrone... Continue Reading →

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