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This the Season…

Light strung palm trees. Warm embraces. Gifts stacked three rows deep under the Christmas tree. Pleneras playing in the background. Alcapurrias. Pasteles. Lechón a la varita. Trash cans full of ice cold beers. The children play with generic brand toys. The men play domino and swap old war stories. The women toil in the kitchen […]

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The Christmas Card

My S10 Note+ buzzes and shuffles around the kitchen island. Dread creeps in. Someone somewhere needs to reach me, NOW. Ugh! The introvert in me prepares for the worst – my clan and peeps text first, unless it’s an emergency. 😅 What now? 😶 A quick peek at the caller ID shows it’s my dad. […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Get Mad About People Saying “Happy Holidays!”

In the last decade, the political correctness movement has claimed a lot of colloquialisms that were considered “American” and has transformed them into all-inclusive phrases. Sadly, some have seen this as an attempt against the core USA values because it waters down those things people think were essential to the Constitution and Bill of Rights; […]

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STEM Related Gifts for Kids, Teens and The Young At Heart

This holiday season, step outside of the proverbial box and give the children in your family a gift that will help them enhance their science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills. Living in the digital age where computers and the internet rule supreme, we must continue to steer children into STEM fields or eventually, we […]