Adulting Mrs Enginerd Poetry Project Zach


Sleepy, apprehensive, he lounges stretched out in a soft curve, Sticking out of the owly cover a pointy velvety antenna twitching softly, searching for imperceptible background noise. The body steady, relaxed, While the soul hastily chases squirrels, birds and the ever ubiquitous Jolly Ball. Paws crossed, eyes wide shut, Wheezing breaths rhythmically crescendo. *A loud […]

Adulting Mrs Enginerd Project Zach

Cuteness Overload: Happy [Inter]National Dog Day!

The last 5 years with Zach have gone by so fast. I reinforces my desire that he lasts us forever. I catch my husband tearing up after a good bro session with Z, as he tries to imagine a life without him. According to the vet, our 80.4 lbs American Staffordshire Labrador mutt is healthy […]

Mrs Enginerd Project Zach

Zach, The Introverted Dog Hits 100 Insta Followers

Wow! Let me tell you about how much more effective the follow for follow philosophy is when growing a brand on Instagram. Before mid September, we barely had 50 followers. Two weeks after dumping the 0 follows approach, we are getting closer to reaching 200! That’s phenomenal. 😎 I’m not sure who devised the methodology but […]