Mrs Enginerd Project Zach

Zach, The Introverted Dog Hits 100 Insta Followers

Wow! Let me tell you about how much more effective the follow for follow philosophy is when growing a brand on Instagram. Before mid September, we barely had 50 followers. Two weeks after dumping the 0 follows approach, we are getting closer to reaching 200! That’s phenomenal. 😎 I’m not sure who devised the methodology but it seems to be very fair, until the other party unfollows you in the middle of the night. Hehe


Since Zach cannot have dog and cat friends in real life it was remarkable to find so much acceptance online about his limitations and fears. People love to see his expressions and adventures which prove how happy and well adjusted he is now that he is with the right people. He’s home. 💖🎉 It is truly an honor to post daily pictures and share him with the world, especially knowing he is too scared to venture into the world on a leash and muzzle.

To those following @Zachtheintroverteddog, we salute you and are forever grateful for your time and patronage. Please check out the Project Zach tab for more info on his journey home.

Enjoy! 🐾💝🎉🤗

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