“At least you have a house…”

Please. I beg y'all. Don't confuse my complaints about the "list of items that still need to be taken care of by the builder" with ungratefulness. Telling anyone in my family that "at least you have a home" minimizes the entire ordeal and what is left of it. The fact that all these open items... Continue Reading →

ECCC 2017: Empowering Women, LGBTQIA and Minorities

Emerald City Comic Cons are notorious for celebrating diversity. Aliens, superheroes, anime characters and video game avatars, there is enough variety to please even the pickiest of people. That's why nerds and geeks love attending these events in full regalia. Zero judgement. Zero pressure. You get to express yourself openly and among peers. Little kids,... Continue Reading →

Speechless (ABC)

There aren't many shows on air that feature actual disabled actors in credible and good roles but the landscape is quickly changing. When Breaking Bad cast RJ Mitte as Walter White's son they proved that a character with cerebral palsy could be effectively portrayed by a person with the condition. The brilliance of the role... Continue Reading →

Responsibility v Love, Part 2

The original Responsibility v Love post got so much traction that I decided to write a follow-up piece. Disclaimer: Unless you have children, wards, a sick family member that you are taking care of or an agreement to make decisions on behalf of someone important and valuable to you, you are not responsible for those... Continue Reading →

Storks (2016)

Ever wonder why storks delivered babies? Especially how did they make them and how humans placed their orders? Warner Animation Group put together a really comical and surprisingly good story about how this all came to be. Focusing on Tulip and Junior, a human baby that was not delivered and a stork that works for... Continue Reading →

The Goldbergs  (ABC)

This family from the 80s took Wednesdays by storm when producer Adam Goldberg molded the main characters after his very own. Using pop culture references that span movies to historical events, this Jewish clan gets into all kinds of trouble. For anyone raised during this decade, the show captures what it was like to grow... Continue Reading →

Why My Family (of Origin) Rocks

Since I moved to the USA, I have carried my family and my memories of times past in my back pocket or wherever my cell phone and internet location happens to be. Like Visa, I never leave home without them; they travel the world with me, in my thoughts and in the social media posts... Continue Reading →

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