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Storks (2016)

Ever wonder why storks delivered babies? Especially how did they make them and how humans placed their orders? Warner Animation Group put together a really comical and surprisingly good story about how this all came to be. Focusing on Tulip and Junior, a human baby that was not delivered and a stork that works for Cornerstone – formerly the stork baby factory – the movie takes us on a journey to deliver a baby that was ordered by Nate, a young child who wants a baby brother with ninja skills. Along the way they meet a pack of wolves, a pigeon and the stork that failed to deliver Tulip.

With performances by Andy Samberg as Junior and Katie Crown as Tulip, this story can easily become a favorite for parents and children everywhere. The jokes are spot on, the characters are unique and beautifully executed by the cast. Everyone in our theater was laughing and enjoying the journey. The wolves alone will floor you. It is like nothing I had ever seen before and each twist and turn keeps you guessing where the story will take you. A happy ending is to be expected but it doesn’t dampen the message: Your baby will arrive, guaranteed, just wait and let the storks work their magic.


With multicultural babies and deliveries to every type of family, the goal of the plot is to teach young kids that families come in every shape and size, includes pets and good friends, and can only be defined by the individual. We must have faith and love when facing hardship, and never ever give up on our dreams. It took a village to get this baby delivered and it took time and effort to see it through. Just like in real life we must be patient when ordering a brother or sister, a firstborn son or daughter, since this person will need the best in us to grow up happy and healthy.

The Batman Lego movie trailer and Lego short preceeding the film are worth a look as well. WAG proves with this film that they can become a force to be reckoned with in this space. Watch out Pixar and Illumination, this studio means business.

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