The OA (Netflix)

There is a life force that unites us all and serves as the background from which we can experience life. For those who have had near death experiences like Prairie, the metaphysical plane that separates the dead from the living yields many secrets that, if discovered, would change the fate of mankind. Her goal is... Continue Reading →

Passengers (2016)

What would you do if your hibernation pod broke and you awoke 30 years into a 120 year voyage? With 90 years to go, and no means to turn back to Earth, James "Jim" Preston (Chris Pratt), and Aurora Lane (Jennifer Lawrence) is faced with the ultimate questions: "Why me?" and "Why now?". This movie... Continue Reading →

Westworld  (HBO)

Have you ever questioned the nature of your reality? HBO adapted Michael Crichton's original film Westworld and made it into a modern, 21rst Century, sci-fi western masterpiece full of star power. Evan Rachel Wood stars as Delores, a recurring character in this fantasy western world created as virtual entertainment. With glorious aerial shots and state... Continue Reading →

Morgan (2016) 

This movie felt like D.A.R.Y.L. and the Bourne Identity's baby. A genetically engineered biological AI is developed and trained to prove that a machine can be taught to act human to give it an edge. A cold and calculated risk manager (played by Kate Mara) is sent to determine if Morgan, model L9, is not... Continue Reading →

Sci-Fi At The Pops

A few years ago, I went to the Boston Pops, an offshoot of the city's symphony orchestra series that specialized in popular music functions. From the introduction, we learned that for a time John Williams had directed the Pops, which must have been a treat for the locals. Upon our return home, and during our... Continue Reading →

Outlander: Saturday’s Guilty Pleasure

Diana Gabaldon decided to create a sci-fi fantasy period piece to delight the world, making them fall in love with Scotland and its Highlands. Taking advantage of the rich history and scenery of the 18th century, which included castles, farms and very juicy royal drama, she composed a story that was not only riveting but... Continue Reading →

Orphan Black (BBC)

There are very few things for me to binge watch and this show was one of them. Critically acclaimed because of the acting, in season one alone Tatiana Maslany portrays at least 5 versions of the same cloned person, and counting. The reason why they exist? I’ll learn about it after a few seasons, if... Continue Reading →

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