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The Con Artist (Quirk Books)

When I picked up this book at the 2019 ECCC from the Quirk Books booth I was expecting great outside the box material and The Con Artist delivered. The novel relies on pop culture references, recognized brands and labels, and even some made up ones to protect the protagonist, Mike (a fairly well known comic […]

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Comic Con Bound!

Sunny San Diago, as Ron Burgundy would say, is the perfect summer getaway for the geeks and nerds. Why? The San Diego Comic Con, the Mecca of all things derived from graphic novels attracts the best of the best: actors, writers, cosplayers, entertainment studios, and fans from all over the world. The nice sandy beaches […]

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Travel Destinations to Delight Your Inner Nerd

I know a lot of people will wonder why I didn’t add New York, Los Angeles, The Shire (New Zealand), Orlando or London to the list, but these cities by themselves already have a lot of advertising and proven reputations as popular tourist destinations. These are my favorite spots and are not meant to be […]