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The OA (Netflix)

There is a life force that unites us all and serves as the background from which we can experience life. For those who have had near death experiences like Prairie, the metaphysical plane that separates the dead from the living yields many secrets that, if discovered, would change the fate of mankind. Her goal is to return to the Voi and learn as much as she can before her father finds her on her 21rst birthday. What she discovers though transcends her own expectations and expands her mind in a direction not even her loved ones expected. She returns transformed from her journeys into the great beyond, healed and ready to fulfill her self-assigned mission to live fully and graciously.

In contrast to Stranger Things, The OA isn’t just sci-fi or fantasy even though it has an surreal element and a group of friends trying to figure out what is happening to their new found friend. Prairie, unlike Eleven, doesn’t have superpowers but a deeper understanding of the power to heal, to change minds and to find oneself in the flow of the universe. Her plight is very different as well since she is running towards her destiny, to find the movements that will bring peace into this world.

If you are looking for a feel good supernatural binge watching this will be a good choice for you. It will take you down a weird path full of twists, turns and spiritual awakening. Take your time to understand what is going on and take breaks as necessary. Methaphysics is somewhat of an artful stretch and for some it is not to be taken lightly. The ending itself will be somewhat confusing but keep in mind it is all about the movements, about the flow, and about not fearing death.

Stream now on Netflix.

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