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Comic Books With Strong Female Characters That Are Not Half Naked!

Not all comic books are centered on Superheroes and most of those that feature women do so in skimpy clothes. Been there, seen it, read it. However, there are many serious works of arts in graphic novel format that take into account magic and supernatural beings, in a more sophisticated and erudite vibe. Unlike the stories that are full of clichés about saving the world, the titles below offer an alternative to traditional storytelling and book design; an adventure unlike anything you have seen or experienced before. To boot, the women are strong but not half naked! Victory!

Descender (Vol. 1wp-1461942757762.jpg)

In an Asimovian world where robots are our friends, it only takes a large scale intergalactic war with giant sized automatons to end our love affair with AI (artificial intelligence). Armed with the knowledge that the Codex used by the invaders, who left right after they attacked ten years ago, a small group of government operatives must figure out why the attack happened and how to avoid its recurrence. At the center of if all there is a Tim unit, a companion bot that looks like a child, and his two robotic friends, a driller hell bent on killing humans and a pet bot that cannot stop arfing. I highly recommend this series to the sci-fi nerds who like action, Dune-esque trama and enjoyed Battlestar Galactica or Pacific Rim.

injection_01-1.pngInjection (Vol. 1)

This comic book series is best described as Skynet Goes to Hogwarts. Presented as a fantasy and sci-fi hybrid, a team of government operatives sets to discover a way to avoid the future from becoming dull and boring, of having technology stall and progress plateau. In the process, the team formed of an assassin, a scientist, a cunning-man, a hacker and an X, create an AI that is sentient and can evolve on its own. The catch? It unleashes a series of paranormal and supernatural events on Earth to make sure everyone is kept on their toes. The plan goes awry. Set in Great Britain, the folklore is a brilliant tool to convey the message of the story, brought to life in gorgeous art panels. It had a slow start but it gets better.


Black Magick (Vol. 1)

Rowan Black is a detective and a Wiccan. Her current case load takes her on a path where her beliefs and fears will intersect, putting her life and her secret identity in jeopardy. Image writers use clichés and fantasy concepts to develop this beautifully hand drawn and painted comic book that reads like something Terry Brooks concocted. As the pieces fall into place you will learn to enjoy the intrigue and suspense, especially because the story is narrated from its halfway point. You will learn about the evil and light within the magick as the action unfolds. Who is this heroine? What happened in her past? Will she be able to protect those he loves? Stay tuned…this is only the introduction, the beginning of the end.


Roche Limit (Vol. 1)

A colony is placed on a planet that is within sight of an anomaly that scientist want to explore and corporations want to exploit. Caught in the middle there is a missing girl and the sister and lover who are trying to find her. Shrouded in mystery, suspense, and drugs, the story takes us on a mission that may reveal the true power of faith and the human soul. Full of strong female characters and excellent writing, you’ll feel like you are in the middle of a metaphysical X-Files like series. It’s hard to explain without ruining it for you. Great read for astrophysics enthusiasts, noir afficionados and sci-fi geeks alike. (Image comics.)

These compilations all have a Vol. 2 coming up later during the summer except Roche Limit which has a Vol. 3 coming up in September. 🙂

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