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Morgan (2016) 

This movie felt like D.A.R.Y.L. and the Bourne Identity’s baby. A genetically engineered biological AI is developed and trained to prove that a machine can be taught to act human to give it an edge. A cold and calculated risk manager (played by Kate Mara) is sent to determine if Morgan, model L9, is not only viable but can perform the mission it has been designed to accomplish. That mission is the most important plot twist and it will not be revealed until the last minutes of the movie.

At first, the story draws you in while presenting the main characters in a mysterious yet obvious way. It is all laid out in the open for you. A secret corporate facility hosts an experiment gone wrong and a third party is sent to investigate. Halfway through you kind of know where it is all heading and Luke Scott does a decent job getting you there. Somehow the plot quickly turns into a miss match of events that degenerate quickly and you are left wondering if they should have gone in a different direction. Smart sci-fi fans will figure out the whole plot line in the first few minutes of the film and will most likely stay to see how it develops but the technobable is abysmal for such a complex concept. The action sequences are well performed but are not enough to make the movie memorable. It did not fully developed into a robust sci fi thriller.

Apparently 20th Century Fox spent money advertising the film but it wasn’t until it hit the theaters that I had heard of it. We were hoping for a nice surprise but it didn’t truly deliver. I’d recommend you rather see Jason Bourne than go see this. Maybe in another few years this movie will get a cult following or the director’s cut may shed some light on the movie’s intentions. Right now you could skip it and not miss much.

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