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Passengers (2016)

What would you do if your hibernation pod broke and you awoke 30 years into a 120 year voyage? With 90 years to go, and no means to turn back to Earth, James “Jim” Preston (Chris Pratt), and Aurora Lane (Jennifer Lawrence) is faced with the ultimate questions: “Why me?” and “Why now?”.

This movie resonated with me because I could see myself in both characters. Aurora’s determination, eloquence and journalistic authority reminded me of the strengths that one needs as a woman to survive on their own. Jim’s mechanical engineering skills and creativity balanced the upscale life of the starship they both now need to share and can solve any problems that arise during the Homestead II’s travel time. Together, they become a team and unstoppable force that can deal with anything thrown their way. That includes their own differences, insecurities and dark secrets.

Written in a manner that keeps you entertained, engaged and completely glued to the advertised beauty of space travel, Passengers is Wall-E in a live action format and with more adult sitiations. I adored how well Pratt and Lawrence delivered every line and scene since you believed the emotional rollercoaster ride of their conundrun. In 3D format I cringed, oohed and aahed throughout the film.

Go see it. It is worth every penny.

Interstellar love stories, FTW.

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