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Sci-Fi At The Pops

A few years ago, I went to the Boston Pops, an offshoot of the city’s symphony orchestra series that specialized in popular music functions. From the introduction, we learned that for a time John Williams had directed the Pops, which must have been a treat for the locals. Upon our return home, and during our […]

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10 Things To Do While In London, UK

London is one of the top ten destinations for tourists around the globe. Its rich cultural heritage, albeit due to the reaches of their once worldwide empire, makes the city vibrate with historical significance and character; Londoners are very well educated, polite and carefree. Well dressed and elegant people flood the streets in their best […]

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Book Series For The Young At Heart

A lot of my parental unit friends have asked me about books suitable for their pre-teen, teenager or young adult.  Usually, my answer depends on what I am reading at the time and how much it has captivated my imagination. From Sci-fi and Fantasy to super spies and sweet friends, there is a series for […]

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We All Have a Lord Voldemort

He who shall not be named became a very popular phrase after the Harry Potter books and movies broke into mainstream media in the early 2000s. An entire generation of muggles coined the phrase to refer to those people who were no longer worthy of being mentioned; an antagonistic character that chose us as their […]