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Popular 1980s Kids Shows And Movies Worth Rewatching (With or Without Children)

The 80s was a decade of change. Working women were taking and climbing the career ladders so fast and furious that studios flocked to market their take on the new powerful female executive persona. From Baby Boom to Working Girl, the subject of feminism and sexism became household conversation topics. Since many women went back […]

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Save $$$ While Spending $$$: Predictive Behavior Algorithms, FTW

When I go out to purchase an item, nine out of ten times my decision is based on the type of coupons I have for the store, the average cost of the item on sale, and the establishment’s return policy. However, I must confess these stores send me promos that I receive via snail mail […]

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We All Have a Lord Voldemort

He who shall not be named became a very popular phrase after the Harry Potter books and movies broke into mainstream media in the early 2000s. An entire generation of muggles coined the phrase to refer to those people who were no longer worthy of being mentioned; an antagonistic character that chose us as their […]