Moving on Up!!

It's official. The Enginerds have moved out of the Maison and are now living in temporary housing until Château closes. Woop woop! Leaving the keys was a bittersweet moment but we were ready to embark on the next 15 year journey together. The house had been with us 10.5 years and it was too small... Continue Reading →

Happy Thanksgiving 2016!

This year has been horrible and it keeps getting worse. The election results... The DAPL... The resurgence of White Supremacy (which was always there though)... To top it off the Château will be delayed 3 more weeks and if our Plan A doesn't work out, we will be officially homeless come November 30th. Many friends... Continue Reading →

Château Enginerd – On Hold

Our moving on up story took a turn for the worst recently when the water and sewer district postponed the work to hook up our utility connection. We don't have a due date from the county and with a closing date of November 15th on our current property, this delay puts us close to the... Continue Reading →

Château Enginerd: Month 5…

Looking at my Facebook word cloud you can immediately tell that the process of selling and buying a new home has taken most of my attention this year. When I checked, we made the offer on the Château before Memorial Day weekend. That was five months ago! Wow. Time flies... I never thought the process... Continue Reading →

Moving on Up! – Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Turns out that the inspection showed that the roof of Maison Enginerd needs to be replaced due to defective material. The shingles, made by CertainTeed, have visible granule loss and deterioration not common to ten year old roofs. So, what gives? A check of the internet confirmed our worst suspicions: the material was manufactured incorrectly... Continue Reading →

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