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Moving on Up! – Maison Enginerd is Off The Market

Yesterday, September 28th at the 11th hour, we got word from our realtor that our current house was under contract! Yay! The buyers accepted our counter offer and come November 15th they will take over Maison Enginerd. Woop woop! In 10 days or less the house will pass inspection and after that we get to go through the appraisal process. We’ll be on edge for a while but it will definitely be worth it!

It is hard letting go of the house that saw you grow up. The keys were delivered to us on my birthday and to our surprise they were the wrong ones! The forman of the construction gave us his master key to move in and gave us permission to check out the empty houses. Ten years ago the economy was booming and our modest home was on the market for $399950. For two new hires with no kids and $$$ to spend it was a dream come true; 0% down ARM. Even when others lost their homes 5 years later due to rising prime rates we still have that ARm because it adjusted DOWN! Granted the downturn sucked dry our equity but we finally have made enough of a dent to sell at a profit. Like a boss! 😎

As hard as it is to move on and away from all the good and bad times at Maison Enginerd, we say farewell and not adieu. Whenever we drive by past the structure we will be grateful for our time inside its walls and for the many BBQs we hosted in our back yard. I’ll remember the HOA meetings and the fights over silly items that eventually turned us all into reluctant friends. May the new nerds who will own it get many years of new awesome memories and family fun.

We love you old friend…and we will miss you.

Check out posts with Moving on Up! in the title to learn more about our family’s big move. 🙂

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