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The Teal Pumpkin! (And Ideas to DIY It)

Recently, a close friend shared a Huffington Post story about a new trend for the Halloween season: The Teal Pumpkin. The goal of the campaign is to encourage households to provide alternative treats and trinkets for kids that have food allergies, identifying participating homes in the program with this new symbol. Brilliant! The initiative has gained so much strength that even Michael’s, Target and home decor stores. It’s a very unique take on inclusion, one that is simple to get on board, without causing additional strain to your budget!

Here are a few ideas to make your own teal pumpkin and help spread awareness:

1. Grab an artificial orange or white pumpkin from your favorite store, or existing decoration stash, and apply craft or spray paint to make it teal. (Spray paint works best. Bonus points if you carve a design onto its face.)

2. If you don’t mind using produce quality pumpkins, buy a few at the local supermarket or shop and paint it teal as mentioned above.

3. Check Michael’s, Marshall’s, Home Goods or TJ Maxx for discounted pre painted items. (On and off season)

4. Use a template and cut a piece of wood, foam board or equivalent weather resistant medium in the shape of a pumpkin. Paint if necessary. Add wire or ribbon to hang on the door or attach it to a stake or spike on a visible spot on the trick or treat route.

5. Print out a picture of a teal pumpkin or explanation and tape it to the window or treat delivery system for reference.

Don’t forget to donate the left over non food items (think Playdoh!, stickers, crazy straws and piñata stuffers, to name a few) to your local shelter, food bank or Ridwell program to enhance the trick or treating experience of those less fortunate. Handing out bags of these types of treats pre and post Covid-19 pandemic has turned our home into one of the popular spots in the community. 😉 A true win-win!

Happy Haunting!

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