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The Teal Pumpkin! (DIY)

One of my friends posted a Huffington Post story about a new trend for the Halloween season: The Teal Pumpkin. This campaign has gained so much strength that even Michael’s sell the already colored decorative pumpkin, giving visibility to the issue of children with allergies. I always wondered how parents managed to make Halloween bareable for kids that could eat Snickers or have candy or treats prepared in environments with nuts and soy. Giving away Skittles and hard candy made me feel a bit less guilty about the situation. Now I have been given the okay to give and advertise non food treats, like playdoh or piñata toys, for those kids who otherwise would risk health complications or would end up throwing their candy away. How cool is that!!

For those who are on a budget and can’t afford the $16.99 Michael’s price tag, or can’t wait to get it on sale for 50% off, here are a few ideas to make your own and help spread awareness:

1. Grab a pumpkin from the decoration aisle or the Halloween section of the Dollar Store (or equivalent bargain store) and apply craft or spray paint to make it teal.

2. Turn an existing treats pumpkin shaped container into a teal one by applying either craft paint ($.79 at Michael’s) or spray paint.

3. If you don’t mind using produce quality pumpkins, buy a few at the local supermarket or shop and paint it teal as mentioned above.

4. Check Michael’s, Marshall’s, Home Goods or TJ Maxx for discounted pre painted items.

5. Use a template and cut a piece of wood in the shape of a pumpkin. Add wire or ribbon to hang on the door or attach it to a stake or spike to put it on a visible spot.

6. Paint over an existing pumpkin shaped wood or plastic decorative lawn stake.

7. Print out a picture of a teal pumpkin and add the explanation to the sign for reference.

Don’t forget to buy non food items at Costco or the bargain store and make sure there is enough for the children in your neighborhood. Who knows, you may end up getting more trick or treaters and a good rep for providing an alternative to the traditional candy bars. You can save money this way too since candy bags are expensive! Check Costco or Sams for deals. 😉

Happy Halloween!

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