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Ballers (HBO)

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is brilliant as Spencer Strasmore, retired NFL player turned financial advisor. Hired by Joe Krutel (Rob Corddry) at ASM, Spencer has to lure as many superstars as he can to make his boss money. After many parties full of actual baller appearances and cameos, Spencer and Joe become so successful in Miami’s scene that the competition, played by Andy García, starts to sabotage their plans to ensure they fall out of grace with current and propsective clients.

The first season is full of decadence, soul crushing bad decisions and screw ups. These goofballs make a mess of their opportunity to land clients and make money quite a few times before starting to make some hedge way in the business and real life. Spence and Joe become best buds and their shennanigans become the stuff of legends. By season two they start to mellow out and mature enough to be able to face Andre’s hostile take over and aforementioned sabotage.


This series is excellent for sports fans and anyone interested in watching The Rock expose his serious, sensitive and comical side. He makes Spencer a real person on screen and you end up feeling for the guy and rooting for him to redeem himself. Joe is a sidekick and mad comedic relief who excels at taking himself seriously enough to bring clarity and hope into any situation. He is a drunk Jiminy Cricket on a hell bent mission to impress and live life to the fullest. The supporting cast is excellent at providing background to the story and keeping up with the continuity and chain of events. They too grow on you and are developed quite nicely alongside these two main characters. Worth watching and not spoiling further.

Watch Ballers Season One and Two On Demand or through HBO Go. This summer series will be back next year in June. Excellent entertainment for the off season about a  fictitious off season. Enjoy!

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