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My #gopinkandblue Story: Why We Decided To Stop Trying

October is Infant and Child Loss Awareness Month. One in four women go through this experience. It’s me. It’s your mom. It can be anyone. Let us break the silence and eradicate the shame that comes with losing a child. Support each other. No reason to think you have failed. No reason to blame the woman for this natural yet devastating process. Please share!

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First off, let me start by saying that infertility, infant and pregnancy loss affect men and women alike. There is a misconception out in the world that fertility problems are only for the ladies or that men don’t feel the pain of pregnancy loss or infertility. That is plainly not true. Sometimes I think that for men it can be even worse because they only figure out they are infertile if they have other underlying problems with their reproductive system, if the ask to get tested, or if they have attempted to impregnate a partner on purpose and haven’t managed to do so within a period of 12 months. Couples that cannot carry an heir to term and pass down the family name are seen as failures. The stigma of child loss is real and equally devastating for those trying to conceive.

Statistics1 from the Center for Disease Control…

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