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Château Enginerd: Month 5…

Looking at my Facebook word cloud you can immediately tell that the process of selling and buying a new home has taken most of my attention this year. When I checked, we made the offer on the Château before Memorial Day weekend. That was five months ago! Wow. Time flies…

I never thought the process would take this long. On the surface, selecting fixtures and color pallets aren’t really hard but putting together the materials and finishes definitely takes some effort. Some are tempted to say that our project manager misjudged how long it would take to complete the house. Although that is very true, the amount of detail and heart poured into this home is worth the delay. Our contractor has done a fantastic job putting the customization touches necessary to pull off an industrial chic home worthy of the Enginerds of present and future generations. I can’t wait to move because the house is very much us. It feels right even though the journey has been fraught with bumps and plot twists.

The old house needs a new roof to sell and if we are blessed with luck 2/3s of the cost will be paid by the warranty. I’ve learned so much about myself and my better qualities while balancing the growing pains my husband has endured with this new direction. Even though I had proclaimed 10 years ago that this move would happen his risk averse nature wouldn’t let him fathom such a change. My all in risk management personality was rubbing him the wrong way but he saw the value. Once we get him BBQing in the new yard his reservations should liquify. Hehe

Please take a look at past posts if you need to find some advice during your own buy/sell process. From staging to investing, we have learned so much about real estate that we appreciate even more what the housing pros go through every day to get people into their dream home. Take a chance and jump into the homeowner pool. You won’t regret it.

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