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Château Enginerd: The Final Countdown 

Well folks, the plot thickens. We miraculously landed a two week loan rate lock extension. Yay! But we are about to lose it, yet again, because our builder missed a few important dates because he went on vacation. To think we were moving out under the cover of darkness on Nov 28th and 29th sure that the Dec 6th closing date was going to be met. Ha!

Upon confirmation that the sewer work would start, wait for it, on Dec 13th, we pulled out all our guns. My loan officer had already bagged the water and waste district’s sympathy and had their inspectors make themselves available for us on a day’s notice. That’s why we found it odd that all of a sudden they were booking us out a week. I let her know as soon as I got wind of the proposed new date, and she got to work, again, on finding out why our builder was taking this in stride. After a few minutes and a bit of applied muscle, there is a chance, albeit medium sized, that we could break ground on Monday, Tuesday at the earliest. This would put us back in track to close under the existing loan lock rate, saving us $300 a month on our mortgage. If we don’t close by 12/12 we will incur on an extra hundred thousand dollars worth of cost throughout the lifetime of the loan. ¡Ay ya yay!

To say we are dismayed by the turn of events is an understatement. Zach is doing well, thankfully, at our temporary housing location but my sister’s dogs are miserable at the hotel. We only booked out until Dec 8th, so it is down to the wire on this one as well. The anxiety level is rising. Let us hope that my muscle gets the go ahead from the sewer contractors tomorrow to break ground and get this done by Friday. We are not pulling punches anymore. The construction montage starts now.

Cue the music…

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