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Château Enginerd – On Hold

Our moving on up story took a turn for the worst recently when the water and sewer district postponed the work to hook up our utility connection. We don’t have a due date from the county and with a closing date of November 15th on our current property, this delay puts us close to the wire…The loan will be extended to a later date so we don’t lose funding. The fees are astronomical to lock the rate and pay the PMI but we are glad we still have the loan. It is up to the universe now to sort this out.

In the meantime, we are concentrating on the last minute details and visiting the site often to ensure the finishes and installations are done per contract. You’d be surprised to know things like the wire shelf ends need terminations that cost about 25 cents each at Home Depot. The cabinets are missing the handles. The towel racks are still TBD. I feel like I am trapped in a never ending HGTV reality show.

Case in point:


The cement guys laid the grid for pouring and they missed half of the area we wanted to enclose. Mr Enginerd hates tracking mud into the house because the driveway is not wide enough or one to exit the car without trampling the landscape. Little details like this one are racking up the total budget for upgrades. We are 5500 extra bucks into this project and the house was barely appraising at cost so we are skeptical nothing else will go wrong or will result in more fees.

Send good vibes our way…

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