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Success Strategies from Women in Stem: A Portable Mentor (Book)

Written by Peggy A. Pritchard and Christine Grant, this book turned out to be a must have for any woman interested in or pursuing a career in STEM. I was fortunate to have gotten this book as a thank you gift from my organization for attending the Women of Color in STEM conference. Released in 2015 as a companion to the book  Success Strategies for Women in Science: A Portable Mentor. These two books have been updated to keep up with social media trends and developments.

The book sums up my experiences at the seminars and sessions to the point I found it eerie. The bottom line is that women in math, science, tech and math need to stand together to break through the glass ceiling making sure they employ strategies that enable them to become strong independent leaders and advocates for women in the workforce and for their respective fields. The advice in this book is stellar and can be life changing for those looking for wisdom, encouragement or enlightenment regardless of gender.

I must admit that by the end of the discussion it becomes very clear that women still have to adapt their styles to please men and be perceived as technical experts. It is a sad realization but one must play the game to win and to effect and affect social change. At some point the board tables will be full of women that can attest that progress has been made and sustained in terms of pay and gender equality. This is an excellent book for young women looking to start a career path in STEM and an eye opening text for those who want to mentor and coach women into high up positions.

If we build it, they will rise…

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