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A Trip Down the Stairs…

In the middle of the move, packing and painting the old house, I managed to slip and fall down our stairs. My behind slammed down on two steps after a second of airtime which is about 175+ lbs of force right into my glutes. Needless to day I am literally going to be butthurt throughout this entire process. I feel like I just got my ass handed to me. At least I didn’t have security cam footage for posterity’s sake. Ugh. Even the puns hurt like crazy.

Because I can’t sit still, I ended up painting a few walls and putting light weight items into boxes. All I can do now is wait until the pain goes away and I regain my agility. What falls on the floor stays on the floor now. Aaaarggh! Sitting down is a painful experience and getting up elicits certain boricua cursewords in Spanish. If it wasn’t for a healthy core I’d be at home on the couch at the mercy of the kindness of my friends and family.

The last thing I needed during a big wait period of my life is to be laying or standing still but it puts into perspective how fast life flies you buy when your habds are tied. Patience is a virtue but it requires so much will power that if it wasn’t for the discomfort of moving, I would raise through the pain just to keep inching along. Finally I have an excuse to lay low for a while and rest but of course I’m too stubborn to take it. Ugh. Someone please tape me down to the recliner…

The new house is 85% complete. Power, cable, water and sewer hook ups are delaying the landscaping efforts. It may look like a livable dwelling soon and we will sign as quickly as the fence goes up. Wish us luck. We need it.


Butthurt in Seattle

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