I Used To Be…

I used to be strong and brave, dauntless even. Very few things in life scared me and if someone corrected me, I thanked them for the knowledge (after corroborating that in fact they were correct). I used to write long poems, ballads and odes, testaments to my teenage angst and bewilderment. I don't know when... Continue Reading →

Embrace The Layoff (or Furlough)

Time mends all wounds and a year and four months after being laid off I can honestly tell say that it was the best bad thing that ever happened to me. It may seem counter intuitive but it makes perfect sense. A paid vacation that turned into many adventures and opportunities both in my career... Continue Reading →

Beyond The Layoff: 16 Weeks Update

The Layoff was the main reason I opened the blog and after 4,000 views, 52 followers and almost 100 likes on Facebook, my journey has reaped many rewards. I gained confidence, strength, resilience and a fluffy companion, my dog Zach. As I prepare for the next decade of plans and adjustments, mostly to make up... Continue Reading →

The Kindness of Strangers

The path is dark and winding with no refuge in sight. As much as I'd like to deny it, my strength is failing me and I don't want to continue. For all I know I am alone in this stage of the journey. I lay my head to rest and forget that I am afraid.... Continue Reading →

The Layoff, Revisited

On March 20th, the first anniversary of the layoff, I had just returned from an assignment in London. For a group of folks, their layoff doesn't have such a happy ending but at some point we all get back to business. If you happen to be facing a layoff situation, the best advice I can... Continue Reading →

Fake It Until You Make It

When I was packing my bags for my recent business trip (see London Calling), I realized I needed to buy sensible work shoes. As an instructor, you spend a lot of time on your feet walking around the training room to help people navigate their computer screens and simulation instructions. Because of the casual dress... Continue Reading →

The Vanity of Humility

I used to be humble once. I took criticism seriously, made amends whenever someone felt wronged and took great care of letting others know how valuable they were to our organization. For the longest time I mentored and coached folks to ensure they understood how life and the workplace intersected and what things one should... Continue Reading →

Here’s Looking At You Kid

Dear 25 Year Old Me, First, let me start by thanking you for all those years you saved money in your stock accounts. Not only did we get the stock option bonus for completing a higher level degree (paid for by our employer) but you were able to manage your portfolio in a way that... Continue Reading →

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