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And Then There Were Two…(and a dog)

When we got married, we thought children would follow quickly. Unfortunately, our first attempt to produce an heir was not successful and the road to figure out if we could become parents naturally was so uphill, and expensive, we decided to take a breather and enjoy the view. During this stop I decided we needed […]

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Unboxing the Past, Resetting the Future 

The worst part of moving to a new home when you are in your 30s is letting go of the stuff 20 year old you bought with those first paychecks. Most if the items are still in good condition but you don’t really need them anymore. Some were gifts from people you adore but have […]

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Down to two boxes…

Moving was not as hard as people were telling me BUT unpacking was HELL. Good news, we didn’t have to trash or donate too much of the stuff; it was worth the hassle of packing it since we now have the time and space for a garage sale. Bad news, now we need to do […]

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Château Enginerd, Moving On Up: Week 2

With a little help from my friends we were able to unpack many of the bixes and furniture to start laying out the Château. Once the boxes went down to a manageable level and certain items were shipped off to the Goodwill, we had much more room to maneuver. The builder still owes us a […]

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When I First Moved to the USA…

When I was 23, a big engineering firm hired me to design their products, processes and tools in their PNW facilities. At the time I was fresh out of college and had lived all my life in one place, a city of about a million people in a tropical paradise. My US Citizen status, awarded […]

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The Home MrsEnginerd Built

Building your new identity as an adult and as a family is not easy, especially when you strike off on your own and are facing others’ definition of family and success. Society pushes us to follow a particular road map – graduate from College/University, find a job, a mate, get married and have children – […]

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10 Reasons to Move Now

The loyalty of the Millennials has been questioned because according to studies and polls, these “kids” switch jobs every 2 to 3 years and don’t believe in the corporations. Who wouldn’t with the constant threat of layoffs and dwindling pension and benefit packages? Baffling as it may sound, this generational group does not run at […]