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Down to two boxes…

Moving was not as hard as people were telling me BUT unpacking was HELL. Good news, we didn’t have to trash or donate too much of the stuff; it was worth the hassle of packing it since we now have the time and space for a garage sale. Bad news, now we need to do a garage sale. Hehe.  😂

After six weeks, I am down to two boxes. Whatever I didn’t make, and MrEnginerd helped me install, is safely and neatly in its place. The master bedroom closet was done (check the link for that DIY), the pantry was upgraded (link here), and the toilet paper industrial pipe fixtures are rocking and rolling. So is the new microwave (My beef with Samsung).

Nothing has fallen off the walls. Yay! If it hadn’t been for my engineering guy friends, and one of the gals that came to help, we’d still be weeks behind. The fence is still a contention point but at least it is up and Zach is here with us, enjoying the new construction.

The county gave us permits for the door addition to the side yard and once the mounting structure is down I’ll be able to fully enjoy it. The Hunter Douglas curtains are well on their way and our previous reinbursements were all cashed. (Samsung, ugh, you won this round but that microwave was awful. The new one is amazing.) We even changed the mailbox for one that opens in the back so we don’t need to be on the streetside when picking up the correspondence. Go4Zero!!! 😉 To top it all off the garage and tools are stored and organized so we are ready to go come summer. Even the BBQ is ready to go.

Housewarming palooza coming soon…

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