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Skipping Meat Challenge: Week 4

Week 4 came by fast and with it I noticed some consistent weight loss (5 lbs total). I’m still doing one meal with meat and skipping it for the others and snacks. Because I am eating less carbohydrates as well, I have more energy and sleep a lot better. Woohooo! The allergies are still a concern, onions being the major culprit as well as some spices, but overall it is working better than expected. Not as much bloating and digestive problems as before unless I am having beer or wine on an empty stomach. Age is a good explanation for this effect though.

No issues with vitamins or minerals so far which is good. I get my protein from beans and other legumes so it is working to my advantage. I still haven’t had eggplant but it is on my list. Mushrooms, especially portabella ones are nice substitutes for meat in burgers. Way better than black beans which is another excellent choice. Easier than I was expecting too since many places offer substitution choices. Watch out for dressings, cheeses and breads. The calories there are high and hidden.

On a separate note, once my arm heals – I injured it during the move, muscular not skeletal – adding exercise will not be a problem. The house is almost set up. Yay! We’ll see what else lands. In the meantime more DIY and playing fetch with Zach. Easier to move when the moving is part of your daily routine. 😎😃😆

Have fun eating veggies and greens!!!

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