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40 Games in 40 Nights

I love the NBA. Hands down my favorite sport on the planet to watch after volleyball  (beach or otherwise). My husband is a fan too so we make an event of watching the games and trying to have a life. We follow Dallas, San Antonio, OKC, Portland, Golden State, Chicago, LA Clippers, Houston…the list goes on an on! Because of our PNW address we can follow all the teams and not lose sleep. West Coast rules! 😎

Since we lost the Sonics to OKC I have been teamless. It has been hard because every team has merits but the magic isn’t there. Not having a home team sucks! The Trailblazers are the nearest squad but it is not the same. Even the crowd is missing the Seattle flare and that is saying a lot about how unique it was. I miss hearing a bunch of tech geeks yelling at the refs. The Microsoft and Boeing salutes to their enployees on the jumbotron at Key Arena. Not the best venue btw but it worked for us, for our little nerd sports community.

For now, I will cheer Sonic #2 pick Kevin Durant on his first season as a Warrior. San Antonio is a close second even though I would love to see them wipe the Cavs in the finals. Manu’s recent achievement of 200 playoff games has won me over. Russell Westbrook’s triple double record has been amazing too but not enough to make me a fan. We can’t still count out Chicago and the rest of the West Coast teams but only time will tell. Grab the snacks and refreshments. The ride until June will be interesting.


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