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Château Enginerd, Moving On Up: Week 2

With a little help from my friends we were able to unpack many of the bixes and furniture to start laying out the Château. Once the boxes went down to a manageable level and certain items were shipped off to the Goodwill, we had much more room to maneuver. The builder still owes us a 20+ deep item list so we are waiting on the fence and A/C almost two weeks after closing. At least we have confirmation they have been ordered and scheduled. Woop woop!

To add insult to injury our Samsung microwave decided to go on the fritz. It went down in a puff of smoke and lightning. The customet service department won’t address it until we get the receipt from the builder. Ugh! Their compensation value seemed low because it didn’t include removal of the old unit or installation of the new one. My builder put extra insurance on the thing and I need the proof to get the ball rolling. Add another item to the to do list!

For those curious,  this is what is still missing per the contract:

1. Fence and sod.

2. A/C

3. Laundry vent – not working.

4. Railing.

5. Hot water in tub not working.

6. Two doors that close but don’t lock.

7. Keys to side and garage doors.

8. Repainting of side of house and vent hole close outs.

9. Doorbell wire diagram or instructions.  (Looking into this myself.)

10. Master rain shower close out piece.

11. Hang cabinet in laundry room wall between sink and washer. (Done during the weekend.)

12. Steps on the backyard stairs.

13. Cleaning exterior of the house.

14. Broken screen on dining room window.

15. Removing construction debris from front yard.

16. Removing equipment from garage if fence is contracted out.

17. Talk to neighbors about their fence.

18. Installing lightbulbs for the air vents/fans.

19. Cabinet door pulls.

20. The one car garage door has a dent and cut in it that is visible and may lead to rusting.

21. Microwave receipt.

If the builder doesn’t deliver we need to sue. Stay tuned…

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