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5 Outdated Well Meaning Pieces of Advice

For a couple of years now the advancements in technology have rendered obsolete a few safety and etiquette rules that most of us were given as children. It amazes me how much things have changed in such a short time and how much more change will be thrown our way before we reach old age. Here are a few of the advice pieces that have been rendered moot:

1. Don’t leave your house keys inside your car.

This piece of advice works when dealing with unsophisticated crooks but is rendered useless when you have a garage door opener or Homelink system in your vehicle. When your car is parked outside they can access the garage and get inside your home through the door by using a credit card or lock pick.

Instead of following this advice use a bump proof lock on your garage to house door and make sure you have some sort of camera or device that can record a high quality picture in case of a break in. Anything with a two way microphone can help scare a person away. If you have a portable garage door beeper, take it with you when you park the car.

2. Don’t program your GPS with home directions. 

Although skipping this step can give the police or neighbors time to report and aprehend a perp as they search for documentation, a quick glance at your license or insurance card will give them the information they need faster than firing up the car’s electronics. This is why the intent is for your to carry these documents with you at all times instead of leaving them in the vehicle.

Instead, use your phone to store electronic copies of anything with your address if you need to hide where you live. Program the home address as something else on the GPS for good measure.

3. Always have a phone landline for emergencies.

This one became obsolete real fast when providers went to internet based phone service. When the power went out in our area the phone survived for eight hours on its battery pack and dies shortly here after. The length of time became unreliable as the router aged thus leaving us incommunicado for a few hours unless we used our cellphones (which we charged using the car battery). Anyone trying to break in to your home would just need to cut the cable connection to the house or power to render your security alarm inoperable. Yikes!

Instead, get an alarm system that has a battery pack and have a small electricity generator at hand for major power outages. Have a battery pack or alternative means to charge your cell phone to keep connected. In case of a major tower failure, get walkie talkies, a satcom phone (if you can afford it) or a two way radio to communicate. Make sure your alarm system has a cell phone/wireless tower adapter that can send a signal out through the provider networks instead of via modem. This signal is much harder to suppress unless the perps come prepared.

4. Don’t talk about salaries and career advancement with your coworkers or peers.

Millennials like to tak about everything, so they approach these subjects politely and with caution since there are still professions where backstabbing is alive and well. Never have a had a bad experience from sharing where I want to go and where I have been career wise. Salaries are still a touchy matter to many because they were told asking was rude which is why unions and market reference salary charts were created. These specify how much you should be earning when compared to the area or industry workers. However, the only certain way to know your pay is still competitive is to ask around. I’m not saying you have to disclose your rate or annual earnings but you can definitely validate someone’s concern or even find out you are behind the curve by playing along.

Instead of direct quotes use ranges or comment to validate in a group setting. Only share the information with people you trust or who can do something about a pay discrepancy. Talk to HR if you rather have an impartial and non vested view on the subject. Trust, but verify salary charts. Some companies underpay everyone but make it up with benefits. Don’t forget to compare and count those too.

5. Chores and housework are gender based.

Considering the best chefs, decorators and self acclaimed anything are usually men, there is no such thing as a male or female oriented chore. If you suck at cleaning find an expert or ask your partner if they can manage it. Don’t try to do things around the house just because they align with social preconceived notions based on your gender. It is okay for women to take out the trash and for men to iron! Never stop yourseld from accomplishing a goal because of your gender or sexual orientation. Instead, do what you like to do and cooperate with the housekeeping. Teamwork goes a long way.


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