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Unlucky At Love

Financial and career success. ✔ College education (including multiple degrees) ✔ Strong nuclear families. ✔ Health and wisdom. ✔ Worldly view. ✔ Food on the table and a roof over our heads. ✔ Romantic partnership bliss 🚫 All three remaining generations of my maternal line suffer from the same ailment: They are awfully unlucky at […]

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“I’m in it for the challenge, not the money…”

There is not a day that goes by that I do not wonder if people have it all wrong when it comes to working. We are the only species that pays to live on Planet Earth. That’s insane. I get that we need inspirational sayings to get out of bed and justify life in general […]

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My Beef With Generational and Cultural Diversity

There is a problem that plagues our society that has remained unaddressed at its core: segregation. Not just the kind of segregation that resulted in the Suffragette movement of the 20s and the racial divide that led to the abolishment of slavery, and shaped the Civil Rights movement but rather the underlying cause of this […]