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The Mouth of Sauron

With this new wave of hatred and discrimination against women, minorities and the LGBTQIA community, I’m turning into a very vocal dissenter and advocate of human and civil rights. It is a quest I don’t take lightly because it affects me and my liberties as a citizen but it results in heated arguments and pointless […]

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Hate or Misguided Conviction?

About a decade ago a new coloquilism emerged: “Haters gonna hate”. These haters are pretty much the people who will bash someone else’s ideas and actions out of envy, spite and to ridicule. If you don’t have haters these days you have not arrived. For some folks it is a jovial way to address differences of […]

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My Beef With Generational and Cultural Diversity

There is a problem that plagues our society that has remained unaddressed at its core: segregation. Not just the kind of segregation that resulted in the Suffragette movement of the 20s and the racial divide that led to the abolishment of slavery, and shaped the Civil Rights movement but rather the underlying cause of this […]