The Unfulfillment of Potential

When I turned thirty everything was flying smoothly. The career was taking off. I had just gotten married. Then a miscarriage, my husband's drinking and layoff sent everything spiraling into a nose dive. We are still recovering from the stall. The promise of a bright future was clouded by a series of unfortunate events that... Continue Reading →

My Beef With The Facebook Newsfeed 

You'd think the pretentious stories about how husbands are perfect and how precious people's children are would be the reason why I have a beef with my Facebook's newsfeed but this isn't the reason I created this post. My beef with the newsfeed is that the algorithm decides for you in what order you will... Continue Reading →

My Beef With Pokémon Go

"Hello, my name is MrsEnginerd and I play Pokémon Go because I like it." It is hard to admit than in my mid 30s I enjoy playing Pokémon Go. Maybe it is the half Millennial in me or it could be the competitiveness of the Gen Xer half but there is something about this clever... Continue Reading →

My Beef With Adulting

After a very few trying weeks, and a few more ahead, I realized that being an adult was not easy. Not only because it comes with a lot of quantifiable responsibilities but because a lot of people don't realize that their opinions and thoughts can carry and place a crushing weight on others. We place... Continue Reading →

My Beef With Love

I think I know why everyone is so obsessed with finding love this days: friendship is not enough anymore. The sentiments of companionship and affection that we used to long for are being replaced with the need to belong to someone, to have a trusted ally that would never leave us, that possesses our soul... Continue Reading →

My Beef With Mother’s and Father’s Day

The baby and kid market, worth billions, treats parents as their own personal ATMs, putting pressure on new parents to buy items they don't need and pushing toys and apparel to young children so they ask for things they don't need but covet. Companies like Target and Babys R Us spend millions of dollars profiling their... Continue Reading →

My Beating Heart

I love you with all my heart, From the center of my body, The beating part of my soul. I love you with all my neurons, Each synapse craving for you, My drug, my enhancer, my concentration. I love you with all my being, With every breath I take And every thought I process. There... Continue Reading →

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