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My Introverted Heart

Human interaction comes with it perks, like love, kindness and wisdom, to name a few. However, it too can also drive a person to madness, as many memes and posts on social media seem to echo every day. Personally, I like to blame this effect on not having agreed upon laws of reciprocity to ensure […]

Mrs Enginerd

The Pursuit of Happiness: Château Enginerd Part 3

So last time we visited the subject of the new home we all got excited about the possibilities. Paint swatches in hand we went to the house expecting to see the cabinet offerings and other finishes to politely agree they were fine and move one. What ensued was actual mayhem. My sister was appalled, my […]

Château Enginerd Mrs Enginerd

Home Sweet Home: Moving On Up Part Deux

About 6 weeks ago, if not a bit more, I posted that we were moving to a brand new house. Even though time has gone by the construction work has crawled which is understandable since structural inspections and corrections are no easy task. Based on what my realtor has dug up there have been no […]

Mrs Enginerd Poetry

My Beating Heart

I love you with all my heart, From the center of my body, The beating part of my soul. I love you with all my neurons, Each synapse craving for you, My drug, my enhancer, my concentration. I love you with all my being, With every breath I take And every thought I process. There […]