My Beef With DIY Projects

Creating stuff requires a lot of effort and commitment, not to mention cash on hand and equipment. Many people are led to believe that doing it yourself saves money or that a DIY project should be inexpensive because you are, after all, only paying for the materials required. You'd think that this wouldn't apply to... Continue Reading →


From late February to late March our employer gives out the yearly bonuses and salary adjustments. This results in an influx of cash each Q1 that is used for trips, gifts and my upcoming birthday celebration. Because of the delay of our baby, Château Enginerd, the money comes at a very auspicious time since we... Continue Reading →

The Art of Not Giving A F@#$

Sara Knight became my hero. Her words resonated with me in ways I would never imagine especially since I had started to give 0 f's about things like weddings and other's good news. This book gives pointers to be able to do this and not come acros as an asshole, which is the key here:... Continue Reading →

16 Good Things About 2016

Granted 2016 sucked in many ways but there are a few good things worth celebrating that happened this year: 1. Weddings 2. Anniversaries 3. Baby announcements 4. Engagements 5. Graduations 6. Cancer remissions 7. Rogue One 8. Chris Pratt's nude scene in Passengers 9. Wonder Woman turned 75 10. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find... Continue Reading →


The women of STEM are fearless. They helped build the foundations for the technology we enjoy today. They are mothers, grandmothers, sisters, wives, friends whose fierceness is admirable because they defied the odds to get to where they are today. Many take for granted the ability to go to school, later to college and acquire... Continue Reading →

Women of Color in STEM Conference

The 2016 conference took place from Oct 13th to Oct 15th. It was a nice 60°F. 😀 With the tagline STEM is a girl thing, the 21rst annual Women of Color in STEM conference kicked off at the Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan. My managers decided to send me to this event because as an... Continue Reading →

Voltron: Legendary Defender on Netflix (2016)

DreamWorks has partnered with World Event Promotions and Studio Mir to revamp the legendary Voltron:Defender of the Universe anime series. Known as GoLion in Japan, the story for the new series was modified to present a more technologically advanced Earth and to retain the lion to uniform color relationship that was blown away when Sven... Continue Reading →

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