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From late February to late March our employer gives out the yearly bonuses and salary adjustments. This results in an influx of cash each Q1 that is used for trips, gifts and my upcoming birthday celebration. Because of the delay of our baby, Château Enginerd, the money comes at a very auspicious time since we will have more cash to close and to move. Woop woop! This year though, the effect compunded with all the bonus payouts from the sale of the house, closing escrow on the old property, and getting reinbursed (fingers crossed) for part of the roof replacement costs. Costco, Delta and our credit cards send us bonus checks and miles around this time to so we can be a bit happier about paying taxes. That’s the only downside of this otherwise joyous occasion, finding out that we have to pay on top of the funds that are already withheld.

Hopefully, the last gambit to get some penalty payment out of our builder will yield additional returns so we have to pay even less out of pocket and can get the outside deck and landscaping on point. We will raise the price of the house to get some extra cash for these unexpected expenses. Our builder ran out of funds to finish the project as intended and this was the best way to still get what we wanted. Not ideal and in some cases not 100% smarts but it gets the job done.

The sad part was that even with all this newly earned money our car insurance policies went up 33% due to increased fatal automobile collisions in the area and the cost to repair the models we own. Hopefully the trend changes and we can go back to way lower rates and primes. We lost about 1.5k in savings due to these two things. So disappointing!

Stay tuned!

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