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The Art of Not Giving A F@#$

Sara Knight became my hero. Her words resonated with me in ways I would never imagine especially since I had started to give 0 f’s about things like weddings and other’s good news. This book gives pointers to be able to do this and not come acros as an asshole, which is the key here: You can be polite and honest without coming across as rude and abrasive.

In case you need to take it slow, the book has sections where you document your thought process for future reference and examination. The workbook aspect is really cool and helps catalogue the f’s you are willing to give. It is a behavior reprogramming workshop and self help session all rolled up into one. All you need is some alone time to meditate and be honest with yourself when engaging in cleaning the mental barn. By the end you will either be entertained or fully converted into an indifference machine. If not, I can’t really understand why you decided to read this provocatively titled volume.

Pair with a glass of wine for full effect. Enjoy!

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