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Voltron: Legendary Defender on Netflix (2016)

DreamWorks has partnered with World Event Promotions and Studio Mir to revamp the legendary Voltron:Defender of the Universe anime series. Known as GoLion in Japan, the story for the new series was modified to present a more technologically advanced Earth and to retain the lion to uniform color relationship that was blown away when Sven (Black Lion) was captured in the original run.


If all this is new to you don’t worry, the series is self explanatory and can be summarized as follows: Group of earthling teenagers find mechatronic lions that fly through space and can combine to form a larger battle robot whose sole purpose is to vanquishing intergalactic security threats. Aided by Princess Allura and her butler Coran, of planet Altea -the creators of the technology- the pilots or Paladins have to learn how to operate the lions and how to work as a cohesive team.  After many failed attempts they finally come together to form Voltron and deploy ots many battle weapons, shield and sword. It is crucial that the Paladins become an effective team to ensure that they will be victorious against the forces of  Emperor Zarkon, who wants to claim the lions and enlist them to fullfil his galactic domination plans. That’s why Voltron is known globally as The Defender of the Universe.

Keith  (Red), Shiro (Black), Pidge (Green), Lance (Blue) and Hunk (Yellow) engage the Voltron sequence.

Growing up in the wake of the space program and the Cold War, the kids of the 80s got a chance to see this anime series at a time when we all wanted to explore space and go where no human had gone before. In this sense, Voltron became a series about empowerment, leadership, and teamwork which taught an entire generation that women and men could work together in battle to protect the universe from destruction. Although Allura is no longer a Paladin in a pink suit, as the owner of the technology and keeper of the historical archives of her planet, she is even more powerful and influential as a female lead than any of her predecessors. Pidge is the breakout character we needed to level the playing field and the backstory will floor you. Keith, Shiro (nee Sven), Hunk and Lance are their usual charming selves and their antics will have you laughing out loud. My favorite characters reborn and given a new look to make sure they are not only relevant but admirable.

For me, the new Voltron is designed to fit the modern times and is a CGI/anime work of art; a stroke of genius. Kids and adults will be glued to their screen as the watch the imagery and enjoy the plot twists and development. I enjoyed every minute of the 13 episode Season 1, which will be followed by Season 2 in late 2016 on Netflix. Give it a go. Binging on Voltron: Legendary Defender is the stuff of legends. Grab the kids and enjoy!

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