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Odd Mom Out (TV Show)

Bravo has concocted a little gem of a show by Jill Kargman that makes fun of the life and tribulations of Upper East Side/Manhattan moms. Running for two full seasons, the satiric comedy features Jill, a Jewish woman who married an upper classman, and her daily struggles in thr posh world of preschools and prestige of NYC’s top crust. In her own unique way, this rocking, black clothes wearing, skull and bones broad has decided to brave the waters with her lawyer husband and three children, leaving a lucrative career as a photographer behind to be a stay at home mom.

What’s truly brilliant about the episodes is how Jill manages to keep a straight face in this insipid and vapid world where appearances matter more than brains and brawn. As the odd mom out, she learns to navigate the lifestyles of the rich and famous while putting up with her husband’s clueless but wealthy family. Lex (husband’s brother) and Brooke (sister in law) alone keep her eyes rolling with their occurences and expectations of their upscale life. Every episode is rife with parody, sarcasm and physical comedy that helps you understand why we shouldn’t take life so seriously.

Jill is phenonenal and the writers are superb at executing the material. You will laugh at the situations and in some cases will be able to relate to the groups’ shenanigans. From corrupt business practices to competitions to get your kids into the correct prep school, there’s enough ground to cover and lots of laughs to be had. Take the opportunity to binge on this summer offering for noe until it is time to roll out season 3 in 2017. Must see for those moms who consider themselves the weirdo of the PTA crowd.


Monday Evenings – check local listings for time and channel info.

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