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Concept (Board Game)

Have you ever wondered what Charades would look like if played like Pictionary? Are you bad at drawing but good at putting ideas in pictures together? Then Concept is the game for you. The goal of the game is to use the images on the board and the subcategory markers to hint what concept is listed on the playing cards without providing verbal queues. There’s an easy, moderate and hard level for the idea that you need to illustrate and the person or team with the most guesses wins. Each win results in a token that serves as both scoring piece and bragging rights. 😀

Depending on the number of people you have, the game can be played individually or in groups. One person goes up to the board and redies the clues while the teams shout out possible answers. The board images provide an excellent canvas to choose from and even the least pop cultured can make out many of the easy and moderate options. Some of the hard ones are extremely nerdy but worth your while. I’m sure you can create your own house rules to make it more interesting for you and to create your own guessing options. For the $35 to $45 price tag, it’s a game best enjoyed in a crowd which is why many bars and breweries carry them as entertainment pieces. Tell your peeps to chip in or check out eBay, Amazon and other discount retailers for a better deal.


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