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BROFORCE (Video Game)

The BROFORCE is one of the PSN free download GoM (game of the month) for March 2016. This 8 bit side scrolling platformer merges the gameplay of Contra with the charming humor of Metal Slug. The objective of the game is to save the day by unlocking popular action movie and TV heroes such as […]

Mrs Enginerd

Rock Band 4

A couple of months ago I pre-ordered the game’s guitar bundle and for a whopping $129.00 before tax it didn’t disappoint. Granted, some people will complain that the music isn’t to their liking, and unless your are a rock and blues aficionado you may not recognize some of the indie band and artists, but after […]

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Batman Arkham Knight, The Bane of His Existence

Y’all know I married an engineer and a gamer guy at that but this particular nerd loves the Batman so much he is willing to volunteer to take me to the airport during the middle of the work day just to get more TLC with his PS4. Sadly he has a horrendously variable schedule that […]