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BROFORCE (Video Game)

The BROFORCE is one of the PSN free download GoM (game of the month) for March 2016. This 8 bit side scrolling platformer merges the gameplay of Contra with the charming humor of Metal Slug. The objective of the game is to save the day by unlocking popular action movie and TV heroes such as Rambo and MacGyver. It includes heorines like The Bride too. However their names have been changed to avoid copyright issues. Some of the aliases are hillarious!

Each level gives you the opportunity to tag team with several characters. Once you reach certain check points, your sprite morphs into the character you save. While I typed this my husband became (who were obviously ripoffs of) Mr. T, Snake Pliskin and Neo before entering the boss fight as Judge Dredd. The weapon choices range from bazookas to machine guns animated to please your NES nostalgia. It reminds me of the good old days when you used to move your controller to match your 2D character’s movement, before electronics enabled the motion to be translated gyroscopically.

Before sitting down to play make sure you don’t have any pending commitments because the game doesn’t let you save at will. The autosave will act similar to the games it emulates so you will have to repeat the entire level to get back to the boss. Classic graphics with a serving of cartridge pain. He he. Totally worth the sacrifice and the Playstation Plus Membership.


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