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The Highly Functional Introvert 

They walk among us, quietly sitting in a corner minding their own business. They smile, a cordial smirk that aims to state “please ignore me” more than serve as an invitation to talk. If you approach them and start up a conversation they will carry it flawlessly and exceed your expectations. However, deep down inside, […]

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El valor de la semana

Cuando era pequeña y estudiaba en colegio católico, las maestras nos asignaban un valor cada semana a los grupos de clases para que hicieran una presentación durante la asamblea mañanera. Recuerdo claramente el día que mis compañeros y yo presentamos una obra sobre la perseverancia utilizando a Charlie Chaplin como nuestro personaje principal. Todo fue […]

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The Lost Art of Asking and Answering Questions Effectively

We all have pet peeves. As an introvert, mine is asking a binary answer question and getting anything but a simple yes or no answer. Why must people unload on me their entire thought process or worse, answer my question with another one. Ugh! Yes or no. Yes or no! I didn’t ask for your […]

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Doorways and Exit Wounds

I’ve always been fascinated with learning where all the entrances and exits are in a building, restaurant or location. Between my 80s upbringing, the Die Hard movies and my mom’s military training I always knew these doorways, elevators, staircases and windows were important for my survival in case of an emergency or threat. However, I […]

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I know what many are thinking, #AllLivesMatter is more accurate. Right? Wrong! Check yourself in a mirror and adjust yourself because your privilege is showing. *Gasp!* Many white leaders decided to detract from the #BlackLivesMatter campaign to claim #alllivesmatter because they fear that for once in their lifetimes their ignorance about race and racial discrimination […]

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…Anger Leads to Hate, and Hate Leads to Suffering

I have met many angry people throughout my career and I still can’t understand why the male humans have so many issues controlling their temper.  We teach children to use their words and to cry but at some point the men stop being children and start to bottle all their feelings in. This pent up […]

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A Whole New World: The Ever Changing Face of Disney

While attending Disneyland’s 60th anniversary or Diamond Celebration, I came to realize that this is no longer my parent’s Disney and in some cases not even my own. I grew up with Captain Nemo’s 2000 Leagues Under the Sea and Space Mountain, with a Pirates of the Caribbean that did not feature Johnny Depp. Most […]