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I’m Instafamous!!

Hi, Zach here. I got a feature in a very cool page called Former Fosters thanks to a referral from my friend Sputnik. They feature lovable pets who found their happy ending!!! Check out our stories and give FF a follow: View this post on Instagram This is the story of Zach — @zachtheintroverteddog — […]

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Fly Like a 12 (Delta)

To compete with Alaska Airlines in SeaTac, Delta came up with a promotion called 12Status in which perks are awarded to those who sign up for the program. During the Seahawks season members will receive priority boarding and extra miles for flying with the airline. Because of my particular status the system overloaded with all […]

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To The One(s) That Let Me Get Away

This one goes out to all of the guys that told the perfect girl they either they loved them like a sister, that as a man they weren’t good enough for her or that they wanted a girl like their best friend. Idiots! Dear (Insert Name Here), It’s me, the girl you met once that […]

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10 Facebook Etiquette Rules To Live By

A lot of my peers have had some excellent questions about how to handle Facebook posts, comments and requests resulting in great pointers and conversations. Because social media can be difficult to navigate, I compiled a list of the 10 best etiquette rules to help you be successful when dealing with folks online: 1. Always […]