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I’m Instafamous!!

Hi, Zach here. I got a feature in a very cool page called Former Fosters thanks to a referral from my friend Sputnik. They feature lovable pets who found their happy ending!!!

Check out our stories and give FF a follow:

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This is the story of Zach — @zachtheintroverteddog — as told to me by Zach himself.⁣ ⁣ HOW DOES YOUR STORY BEGIN?⁣ I was picked up as a stray with parasites and heartworms and brought to California's Wasco shelter. When I got better, I was sent to Seattle and found a foster home. I was soon adopted out but had an encounter with a rowdy dog on a walk. I changed from a trusting puppy to being very reserved and fearful. They put me on doggy Prozac. In 2015, I came really close to being put down. My original fosters moved to Florida and the next foster home couldn't keep me either. The rescue posted me on websites, flyers, and ads in movie theaters and newspapers. No one came. ⁣ ⁣ OH NO.⁣ But out of the blue, I suddenly had two interested families! After a slow introduction, the judges chose Mr. and Mrs. Enginerd. They agreed to foster me until a better situation could be found. Their yard was tiny so they spent thousands on dog walking and training, with very little progress. In 2016, I was diagnosed with Mast Cell Tumors. To contain the condition, they cooked for me and transitioned me to FreshPet meals. They spoiled me with Jolly Balls, comfy beds, bully sticks, treats and cuddles! I still reacted sometimes: I once gave dad a black eye, and snapped at mommy as she was wiping my paws. Somehow, they never gave up on me. I still didn't like car rides, the vet or my muzzle but I did my best. I slowly came out of my shell and they let me be me. No baths, no dressing up or dry cleans! I was king of the world! This was love, and I reveled and basked in its glory.⁣ ⁣ TELL US THE HAPPY ENDING.⁣ One day they announced they were moving. I thought they were going to leave me behind. But I couldn't believe it – they decided to adopt me! Our new home came with a 5,000 sq ft yard — my very own playground. No more walks, no more training and no more Prozac! I'm blessed to finally be home with people who love and support me as I am. I may not be the perfect breed ambassador but I'm a survivor that beat the odds and found a safe place to lay my head. Great things come to those who wait by those who have the vision to make the impossible possible!

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This the story of Sputnik — @i_am_sputnicholas — as told to me by Sputnik himself.⁣ ⁣ WHO ARE YOU?⁣ My name is Sputnik. I am 7. I don't really know what my parents do. I think they just work so they can take the best care of me. We live 25 miles outside of Seattle. I have a great life with a very consistent routine which helps me be a good boy.⁣ ⁣ TELL US ABOUT YOUR JOURNEY.⁣ I found myself in a shelter when I was a year old. I was scared but my strategy was to never stop smiling. My smile is irresistible. I was part of a 9 dog pull by a local rescue group from a shelter in Ventura County, CA. I was scheduled to be euthanized within the hour that I was pulled. All us rescues got to fly in a little airplane up to WA from CA. It was our Freedom Flight! I was so happy in my crate that the tip of my tail was bloody and raw by the time I landed. I wagged the whole flight!⁣ ⁣ HOW DID YOUR HUMANS FIND YOU?⁣ Mom and Dad had my sister Wyla for almost 9 years. She died of cancer in October 2012. After Wyla died, Mom was too sad to do anything. Randomly, someone messaged my mom about walking a rescue dog, and she soon started taking photos of the fosters for the rescue. Mom knew that Wyla had a paw in this. Once I arrived with my foster family, guess who came to take my foster photos? As soon as my Mom met me, she cried. She was embarrassed and tried to hide her tears. I licked them away and showed her how cute and funny I was. That night, as Mom was editing my photos, she noticed the "W" on my nose. That sealed it — I was meant to be their son. Wyla was my Guardogian Angel: she set this all up starting with the random email. In March 2013, I was home, forever. ⁣ ⁣ I INTERVIEWED YOUR LADY LOVE RECENTLY!⁣ Blush! @hollyshomenow is my girl for sure! Every night I visualize her strong and healthy. I send her all my love.

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Shout out to all my rescue and adopted friends and pawrents out there. We are truly the lucky ones: The Foster Failures!

Let’s spread goodwill and love to get more of us out of shelters and into homes.

Tell all your peeps!!!

Comments are also welcomed. 😉

Have a story to share? Contact Erica at tell them Zach and Sputnik sent you.

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