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Challenging for Challenging’s Sake

Unless you are a teenager testing boundaries to discover your path, or a person on a journey of self discovery in which all the correct answers were revealed to you by the gods themselves, stop challenging others just for kicks. Don’t contest because they don’t fit your mold of what an Anime fan should be […]

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STEM Topics: Imposter Syndrome

At the SWE 2017 conference, the phrase imposter syndrome was everywhere! Of the seven talks I attended, all of them mentioned this idea of women thinking they do not belong in STEM or are frauds. It struck me because I have never felt like I didn’t cut it or had what it took to be […]

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Introverts Can Make The Best Historian

I have spent my entire life documenting events, observations, experiments and knowledge in general. Written articles, videos, pictures, social media posts and collectibles, each piece of information is catalogued and stored in the vaults of my mind waiting for the day they are summoned. Each neuron takes its job very seriously preserving, as much of […]

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Understanding the Introverts in Your Family

Growing up in a household of introverts I was blessed to have the support I needed to develop my soft and hard skills. Granted, as the most extroverted of the introverts the road ahead was going to be easy for me and inside my family circle, I became the nerd whisperer. For those of you […]