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Introverts Can Make The Best Historian

I have spent my entire life documenting events, observations, experiments and knowledge in general. Written articles, videos, pictures, social media posts and collectibles, each piece of information is catalogued and stored in the vaults of my mind waiting for the day they are summoned. Each neuron takes its job very seriously preserving, as much of […]

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Disney Tsum Tsum: Update!

This is how my sister’s collection looks a few months after the original post. Still trying to get over the Empire Strikes Back exclusive park ones that I left behind when I went to Disney World in Jan 2017: Adorable!! Original post: Disney’s Tsum Tsum –

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Disney’s Tsum Tsum

There is this new fad from Japan called Tsum Tsum which is nothing more than stackable plushies! These plushies are designed in the likeness of famous characters and serve as souvenirs and collectibles. Disney used the Tsum Tsum to offer an alternative to traditional toys and action figures, most likely aimed at the same audiences […]