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Disney’s Tsum Tsum

There is this new fad from Japan called Tsum Tsum which is nothing more than stackable plushies! These plushies are designed in the likeness of famous characters and serve as souvenirs and collectibles. Disney used the Tsum Tsum to offer an alternative to traditional toys and action figures, most likely aimed at the same audiences that made the Beenie Babies(TM) a success.

The Tsum Tsum also come in pillow and extra large sizes which makes them an alternative to teddy bears as well. They can be puchased at Target, Disney stores and at the parks. In late April, Disney announced that they were going to add Star Wars: The Force Awakens charcaters to their offerings which already include Star Wars, Marvel, Alice, Disney Princesses, Lilo and Stich, Pixar and Mickey and friends. They small plush Tsum Tsum are retailing for $4.99 USD. We also saw vinyl mini sized Tsum Tsum that are also stackable but not suitable for children under 3. Check out their website for all available lines.

wp-1461553046273.jpg (Copyright)

My sister fell in love with this concept after her Disney fam/friend Nikki introduced her to them during the Disney College Program. We walked into target and found almost all of the Star Wars charcaters except Vader, Leia and Chewbacca. Hopefully we will find them soon.

Enjoy with caution. You will break the bank of you don’t exercise restraint. They are adorable!

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